Welcome to the JDES library!

At JDES we have one library period per class each week. The students get to select a book from the over 4500 books that are in our collection. 

At JDES we treat our books like treasures! Each book is different and holds endless opportunities for the students to imagine and learn. In 2013, the "Popcorn" bags were brought in to help us to keep our books safe, clean, and dry. Each students receives their special bag at the beginning of each school year and are expected to keep their library book inside the bag whenever they are not reading it and to return it each week to exchange books.

Library Prizes

At the end of every school year, students who have returned books on time each week, will receive a prize for their efforts. This gives each student a goal to work towards to be responsible.

Library Links

Tumbleweed Books

Students may get a username and password to access Tumbleweed books from the librarian or homeroom teacher.


The MORE that you READ,

The more THINGS you will KNOW,

The MORE that you LEARN,

the more PLACES you'll GO!

~ Dr. Seuss