School Song

Jessie Duncan School is a Nice Place to Be!             Students Singing         Bobby Boogaloo Singing


Jessie Duncan School is a nice place to be

We all get along like a big family

I smile at you and you smile at me

Every day we're getting better and better

Learning and growing and working together

At Jessie Duncan Elementaryyyyyy!

Verse 1:        Sharing and caring and being kind

                        Follow our hearts and grow our minds

                        We're all friends and we all belong

                        So join us in our happy soooooong!


Verse 2:        Jump up and play and give a cheer

                        Sing a song for all to hear

                        We're the red brick school in Penhold

                        We do our best 'cause the kids are goooooold!

CHORUS,  plus END: repeat last line of Chorus twice more


By Bobby Boogaloo and the amazing students of Jessie Duncan Elementary!